Comments from our staff about
working with Elizabeth Finn Homes


Comments from our staff about working with Elizabeth Finn Homes

What our staff say

Here are just a few comments that our staff have made about working with Elizabeth Finn Homes:

“I feel privileged to work amongst such kind, caring and lovely people that make up the team without whom I could not do my job. The job is all about the people who live here and making their lives happy. I love meeting prospective residents and their families and the relationship I have with them”

“I am extremely fortunate to have worked for Elizabeth Finn Homes for over 14 years. I have never felt that I am working on my own, but always as part of a team. A team that is always working towards excellent care of our residents, their families and friends but also the care of all of the staff”

“It really makes me feel part of a team and not just a small fish in a large pond. When the Chief Executive visits our home and always takes the time to speak to me, always using my first name. I feel appreciated”

“It’s easy to smile on the Reception desk of one of our Homes. I am confident that the welcome I give will be extended throughout by the rest of the staff. Every day is different and each day is rewarding”

“Everyday is different, there is always something happening. The residents and staff make it a joy to come to work”

“Purpose, Reward, Interesting, Development, Encouragement PRIDE this is what comes from working with Elizabeth Finn Homes”

“My many years in catering are greatly valued by the residents and staff alike”

“I am able to deliver service excellence 24 hours a day due to the support of my senior management team and the dedication of my qualified and care team combined”

“I enjoy a high degree of satisfaction from working on a catering team with high standards. There is a great level of satisfaction from observing our residents enjoying their meals”

“I value the time to really get to know the people I care for and their families building long term relationships where they can be confident in the care they receive from Nurses and Carers that they have come to know well”

“The housekeeping team are recognised as an essential service in the home and I really enjoy the time with residents whilst going about my work and their appreciation of what I do”

“I am proud to work for a company that prides itself on the quality of food. I get to produce some fantastic menus which receive enthusiastic praise from the residents and their guests”