VE Day 75th Anniversary at Grove Court

Despite the challenges we face as an industry at this time we felt it was very important to do what we could to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day at Grove Court, especially as we have veterans living with us.

We really got in the spirit and although we couldn’t go through with our original plans we tried to create a special atmosphere for the residents when we visited them in their rooms. We had a VE Day trolley made up and went round in the morning greeting everyone with activity packs full of reminiscence material about WW2 and the opportunity to write little notes of friendship and support to other residents they are friendly with in the home. We also got a speaker set up on the trolley so we could play songs from the 40’s while we went round the home.

Then in the afternoon the trolley was transformed into a mobile bar with Pimm’s and a selection of regular bar favourites and snacks on offer. The residents thoroughly enjoyed it with many commenting on our outfits and saying that they appreciated the extra effort at this difficult time. We look forward to when we can open our doors to visitors and have public events again. Our thanks go to the efforts of everyone at Grove Court and to the families and friends of the home for your fantastic support in the meantime.