Elizabeth Finn Homes provide care to professional people, and their families, who are residents or nationals of the UK or Republic of Ireland. Eligible people would include, among others:
  • Qualified members of the senior professions
    • accountants
    • architects and surveyors
    • bankers
    • chartered engineers
    • dentists
    • doctors
    • lawyers
    • pharmacists
    • scientists
    • teachers
    • vets
  • Clergy
  • Commissioned Officers in the Armed Forces
  • Employers and senior managers in central and local government or industry and commerce
  • Civil Service senior officers
  • Self-employed or employed in work normally requiring a university degree
  • Farmers and farm managers
  • Senior secretaries
  • Qualified nurses, including:
    • Registered General Nurses
    • State Registered Nurses
  • Professions supplementary to medicine:
    • physiotherapists
    • occupational therapists
  • Those professionally engaged in artistic work (music, art, entertainment etc)
  • Those who had traditionally managed on independent means
  • Governesses, nannies, companions and those who have stayed at home to run the house and care for ageing parents
Fees in our Homes

Please contact the General Manager of the Home that interests you most to discuss fees. The fee will be based on your individually assessed care needs and upon the room chosen.

The majority of our residents are self funding. We do however accept a number of social services supported residents with a "top up" (the difference between social services funding and the cost of operating a bed in the Home).

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